Plasperization- Conceptions in Time and Space

This body of work came about through the material exploration of manipulating acrylic paint on mylar, the use of collage and photography. I have always had an interest in photography, architecture/industrial design and abstract art so it is through the mashing together of these interests that result in these expressive images.

 Influenced by a range of both historical and contemporary abstract painters I explore abstraction in my artwork by taking source photographs of industrial designs or architecture, and using them as grounds they become the starting point for some of my abstracted images. Other images are collaged together based on a painted canvas ground and another method is abstractions are photographed out of the acrylic ground that was manipulated onto the mylar sheet.

I call the process of constructing these images plasperization which is a result of the collaging of the organic shapes of acrylic on mylar over another photographic or painted image. The final image is photographed, enlarged, which gives depth to the work and then mounted on aluminum dibond. There is no photo shop manipulation involved in the final image.

The final image is a cross between the digital and the analog. The digital of the photographic image and the analog of the physicality and mark making of paint on mylar. By working in this format I am blurring the boundaries between the physical mark making of painting and the digital image of a photograph.